How quickly do you want to scale your business?
  •   Social Media: Management of all your digital assets including updates, graphics, ad campaigns, videos, keyword analysis and more!
  •   Lead Generation Tools: From lead generation landing pages to targeted ads and database collecting through chatbots - we utilize tools and build systems so your digital assets produce ROI.
  •   Websites: Your website should be more than a landing page. It should build an audience and database, track leads and conversions and generate sales. Don't settle for anything less.
  •   Training and Consulting: Whether you want to update your blog daily or learn ninja tactics for gaining geo-targeted leads, we have the team and tools to help you succeed.
We are Currently Accepting New Clients Who Are:
  •  in Growth Mode: Willing to commit to evaluating, strategizing and implementing growth-accelerating strategies
  • are Communicative, Responsive and Team Players: Your success is our success and that involves clear strategies, action-taking roles, open communication, and responsiveness in a team-friendly environment
  •  are Fun, ethical and driven:  We work with fun, energetic and driven individuals. We use aggressive, ethical tactics and competition-hacking because our clients products and services NEED to be in the hands of their consumers
If this is YOU we want to partner with you:
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Lead Generation Tools
Customers want 24/7 access to your services and products. While you may not be able to have around the clock customer service and sales teams available, you can have tools in place that make connections and sell in their absence.

Marketing is constantly changing and your digital strategy should too. In 2019, chatbots, private groups and lead generation tools will take center stage of a solid digital campaign. Is your business ready?
Does your Website Generate Targeted Leads and Revenue?
A website should be more than a research vehicle for your prospects.
Capture new leads, retarget visitors, engage in meaningful and helpful ways.  With these tools, clear Call-to-Actions, social media integration, email capture, user experience and interface, your website becomes a powerful marketing engine.
  •  Expertise: Clickfunnels, Wordpress (CMS), Joomla (CMS), CodeIgniter (Framework), Core Php , Custom Web Services (Mobiles apps and for other platforms) , Php Sugar (CMS), Amazon Web Services
  •  API Integration: Google, Facebook. Linkedin, Twitter, Hubspot, Survey Monkey
  •  Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay, 2Checkout, and Authorize.Net
Website Example Socially Engaged Media
"Having a chatbot whose sole goal is a sale ignores everything that’s been learned over decades of sales and marketing funnels. You don’t want a single opportunity to make the sale. You build a relationship, re-engage, and may have another opportunity in the future." -Alec Lazarescu, Chatbots Magazine
Consulting and Training
Consulting: Per project basis for small to medium  companies or individuals generating $500,000 and above who current growth requires:
  •  Strategic Marketing: Create and implement quarterly and annual strategic marketing plans
  •  Uncovering New/Untapped Niches: Seek new opportunities to connect with prospects and collaborate with like-minded businesses in underserved markets
  •  Evaluate Competition: Full competition discovery, evaluation and modeling solutions; Advertising, Website and Strategy Hacking the competition
Training: Keep team members up-to-date on current social strategies, techniques and hacks to keep your company ahead of the competition. Ongoing.
"Customer Experience (CX) will trend towards a seamless, memorable experience with meaningful connections and intuitive technology, that only later will be realized as a shopping experience."  Brenda Mallett, Digital Marketing Strategist
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